What are Mr. Li Tools?

Nothing can be better for a locksmith than quality lock pick tools. Mr. Li Tools is a trusted company that offers multiple locksmith tools that will make the job easier for locksmiths.

What Are Mr. Li Tools

Mr. Li Tools, formerly known as Lishi Tools, is one of the top-ranked locksmith tool supplier companies worldwide. The company started by supplying car lock picking tools and now has more than hundreds of tools available in the market. It is a top pick by professional top-rated locksmiths.

Mr. Li Tools is a name of trust for all the locksmiths. We offer all kinds of tools a locksmith might need for their job. Here is an overview of the locksmith supplies you can find at Mr. Li Tools.

Mr. Li Automotive Tools

We have the best range of automotive tools. Our automotive tools are our specialty that suits a beginner locksmith to a professional locksmith. From an auto lock decoder to a combination tool for both picking and decoding, we supply all you might need to pick a car lock. Our automotive tools are designed to match every lock of multiple car models. With our automotive tools, you do not need to worry about the vehicle. Car lock picking was not this much easier before the Mr. Li Automotive tools.

Mr. Li Motorcycle Tools

Bikes are handy and small. This fact makes them more prone to stealing. To keep them safe from situations, bike manufacturers develop special locks that are not easy to pick for criminals. Not only for criminals, bike locks are also challenging for locksmiths. Mr. Li Tools offers specialized motorbike tools that make bike lock decoding convenient for locksmiths. Mr. Li Tools and the knowledge of the locksmith are the combinations that can help you decode the lock of your motorcycle without damaging it in case you lose the keys.

Mr. Li Residential Tools

Residential area is one of the places where locksmiths and locksmith tools are in most demand. People forget about the keys to their cupboards or safes. They often lock themselves out of their houses. Mr. Li offers some of the best lock-picking tools that are convenient to use and efficient at the same time, and there’s no learning curve needed if you’re already familiar with Mr. Li’s automotive tools.

Mr. Li residential tools are designed for most-common seen locks in United States, Canada, and Australia, where most of the home & office locks are made by American Lock, Schlage, Kwikset, BEST Lock, or Australian Lock (Lockwood). A locksmith might think of a tool, and Mr. Li Tools will give that to them.

Mr. Li Tools Make Every Locksmith’s Life Much Easier

Picking and decoding a lock is complicated. You can never handle these locks with your hands. Even a locksmith cannot do anything without the proper tools. Mr. Li Tools are so revolutionary, which combines a pick and a decoder into one tool, make it convenient for locksmith, and save their time.

Mr. Li 2-in-1 tools have totally changed the way a traditional locksmith do their job. Before Mr. LI’s invention of 2-in-1 tools, a locksmith would either need to make a key by impression, or by removing and decoding a door or ignition lock. With a Mr. Li 2-in-1 tools, a locksmith is able to decode almost any vehicle lock in under several minutes, then get a key blank cut through Genericode or InstaCode, and finish a replacement key in a couple more minutes.

We also offer materials like key cutter and slave keys. Every locksmith should know how to duplicate a key as it has a wide demand in the market. The job is now convenient to do with the 2-in-1 tools, pick and decode the lock, and then cut the slave keys with a Mr. Li clipper. Then you can duplicate a real key blank with a traditional manual key cutting machine.

All in all, Mr. Li makes a huge range of lock-picking tools, which have completely changed the locksmithing industry. Mr. Li Tools have proven so effective, not only does the Mr. Li Tools make it easier, it also results in the lock opening much faster than using traditional picks. Picking time on some locks reduced by up to 90% and we haven’t yet encountered a lock we were unable to open using the Mr. Li Pick, provided the keyway matched (fully inserted into the lock).

What’s The Anti-Glare Version Of Mr. Li Tools

We not only deal with standard verion tools, but Mr. Li Tools is a brand known for the proper premium tools. We have an anti-glare version of every tool. Both types of tools are made with stainless steel and are equally sturdy, but the anti-glare version has a particular layer on it. There are multiple benefits of the anti-glare version. Here you go with the benefits that you get from our anti-glare version.

  • The anti-glare version of the tools reflects a very small amount of light, making it easier for the locksmith to work as the light does not affect the eyes.
  • It is very easy to read the tool description written over the anti-glare version of the tools.
  • The anti-glare layer acts as the protective layer of the tools that increase their life, and the locksmith does not need to spend on it repeatedly.

Where To Buy Mr. Li Tools

Mr. Li Tools is one of the best brands in the market, and we are well-known for its supply of quality lock-picking tools. Due to the fame of Mr. Li Tools in the market, multiple fake brands are working under the name. If you want to buy the original Mr. Li Tools, click on the Mr. Li Tools. This website has all the tools you might need to start a business as a locksmith.


When we talk about lock-picking tools, there is no way that any brand can compete with Mr. Li Tools. You can find it on our website, whether it is a simple lock-picking tool or an anti-glare tool. Mr. Li Tools is just the right support system for every locksmith.

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