Is it Illegal to Own a Lock Pick?

Locking picking is fun and can also be productive at times. But is it illegal to own a lock pick in Europe? Read for further details. This article will tell you how to own a lock-picking kit legally.

Take Lock Picking As A Hobby

Lock picking is one of the fun hobbies. It gives a feeling of power to the administrator. Lock picking is a relatively easy job, as it sounds. Just a little practice can make you a perfectionist. There is a very thin line between taking the decision and moving forward to enjoy lock picking as a hobby.

We can call lock picking something very close to the hacking process. You might have known about the password bypass; Lock picking is the physical bypass of these locks. You need to know the lock’s strength and weakness and utilize it to pick it.

Lock picking has been a part of society since the invention of the locks. It is a productive hobby that anyone can enjoy. Besides being fun, it can also save you some bugs. Order a practice set and start learning the process. Mr. Li Tools is a registered company that will provide you with high-quality practice sets and lock-picking tools. Grab them and start the hobby. But before you start lock picking as a hobby, there are two pieces of advice that you should always keep in mind.

  • Never try to pick a lock that you do not own.
  • Never practice on a lock that is in your use or if you rely on it for your security.

Is It Illegal To Own A Lock Pick In Europe?

Before you start lock picking as a hobby, multiple questions will arise inside your mind. Among these, the top question is is it illegal to own a lock pick in Europe? The most answer we get is that it is a big no for the public to keep a lock-pick at their home without any valid reason, as it can be the basis of multiple crimes. Only locksmiths and other such professionals are allowed to keep a lock-picking kit.

But, if we go into the depth of the case, the law varies in multiple states of the USA and other countries. The possession law for the lock-picking kit almost resembles the one for screwdrivers and all other such tools. In some states, you need to prove the reason for possessing such tools, while in others, it is completely illegal to keep such tools. In some other states, having a tool itself is not a crime, but doing something wrong with it is a criminal activity.

Lock-Picking Laws In Multiple States

To clarify the facts, here you go with a few states and their rules regarding lock-picking.

European Union

European Union and all of its states are famous for their strong law and application system. There is no possession regards the lock picks in European law. Anyone can own a lock-picking kit, but it is never allowed to use these kits for any criminal purpose. If any criminal activity occurs, the whole responsibility will go to the owner of these tools.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom is one of the countries with some very strict laws. You are not allowed to keep a lock-picking kit even at home. It is also not allowed to make your kit at home. Doing any such job might make you guilty of keeping weapons. Keeping these things off might lead to a problem and punishment of seven years.


The law of Colombia also considers keeping tools a crime. You are not allowed to own any tools. Keeping tools can put you in a problem and make you a criminal.

United States

United States is a combined country with multiple states. Every state has its laws and orders. People like locksmiths are allowed to keep tools. In some states, you need to prove the necessity of these tools for you. Some states also make possession legal for everyone.


California has some complicated rules regarding the possession of tools. You can keep very simple tools but it is not allowed to keep specified tools. Specified tools are only available for the locksmiths after a completely legal process.


It is a country that supports lock-picking as a profession and hobby. People are allowed to keep lock picks but are not allowed to use them for any criminal reasons. There are also lock-picking competitions in the state that encourage lock-picking as a hobby.

In most countries, like Alberta and Australia, you can own picking tools but after taking a proper license. In Japan, it is illegal to own a lock-picking kit.

How We Know The Tools Are Going In Right Hands

Mr. Li Tools is a company of tools that are well-known and reputed to provide high quality tools. They also know how to provide tools to the right person. States with strict laws only allow locksmiths to have such tools, so we only deliver after verification to these states. Countries like Canada and America give certificates to their locksmiths, we only send tools after checking out the certificate. But, it’s always your responsibility to make sure you’re allowed to own a lock pick legally.

How To Know You Are Buying From Legit Place

Mr. Li has passed proper quality and security tests before selling the lock-picking tools. Yes, there is a complete verification process to register a lock-related tool company for complete secure selling and purchasing. Here you go with the process details that will make you believe you buy from the right sources.

  • Fill in a registration form with all the details. This necessary information includes identity information and all other legal details. The form is available in both traditional way and digital ways.
  • Submit the form through a proper channel. Email it to the officials.
  • After the submission of the application, officials do proper research and end up making the final decision.

If you pass the whole process, the police ask you to keep a detail of sales for a time period of ten years, which acts as a proof in any criminal case.


Lock picking is a fun hobby. All it needs is some practice and the right set of tools. Mr. Li Tools is the right choice when someone asks for quality lock-picking tools. Remember, lock picking is fun, but using it for any wrong task is a criminal activity. Never use the skill for the wrong cause, or you might get in trouble.

Remember, Mr. Li Tools is always here for you to provide you with all types of lock-picking tools: automotive, residential and commercial tools, needed by every locksmith, in their daily life.

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