Lishi Tools User Manual (Free PDF Guide, English)

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The smart 2-in-1 user guide provides instructions and guidelines on how to properly use and maintain Lishi or Lishi style lock pick tools.


We’re an authorized Original Mr. Li Tools distributor, we have the official Lishi Tools User Manual for free download, but this manual is written in Chinese, many Lishi Tools users want an English version, I found this Auto Smart 2-in-1 User Guide on the internet, it’s the English version manual you’re waiting for.

Smart 2-in-1 is a Lishi style vehicle opening tools, the smart 2-in-1 user guide provides instructions and guidelines on how to properly use and maintain Lishi or Lishi style lock pick tools. Here are some typical contents found in a Lishi tools user manual:

  • Overview of the Lishi brand and its lock pick tools technology
  • Guidelines for proper use and care of Lishi tools to prevent damage
  • Instructions for decoding and picking various lock types (pin tumbler, wafer, etc.)
  • Detailed operating instructions for each Lishi pick tool model
  • Tips and techniques for picking with Lishi tools
  • Visual guides and diagrams showing how to insert and turn Lishi tools in locks
  • Explanations of the different parts of a Lishi pick tool
  • Instructions for replacing worn or damaged parts of Lishi tools
  • Safety warnings and precautions when using lock pick tools
  • Troubleshooting tips for common issues or problems
  • FAQ section with answers to frequently asked questions
  • Warranty and customer service information

Having the Lishi tools user manual is important for understanding how to properly use and care for these specialized locksmithing tools. The manual provides locksmiths with the instructions and techniques needed to get the most benefit from Lishi tools and avoid potential damage due to improper use. It’s an essential reference guide for any owner of Lishi lock picks.

1 review for Lishi Tools User Manual (Free PDF Guide, English)

  1. John Mitchell

    As a delighted user of Lishi Tools, I can’t praise their User Manual enough. It has been an invaluable resource in my line of work as a locksmith. The manual is exceptionally well-structured and comprehensive, leaving no room for confusion. Every step, technique, and tool is explained with clarity and precision, empowering me to efficiently and effortlessly tackle complex lock situations. The manual’s intuitive layout and concise instructions have saved me countless hours, leading to increased productivity and customer satisfaction. Lishi Tools User Manual is truly a game-changer, enabling me to unlock success in my profession. Highly recommended!

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