Original Mr. Li MIT8 (IGNITION) 2-in-1 Decoder & Pick for MITSUBISHI


Original Mr. Li MIT8 (IGNITION) 2-in-1 Decoder & Pick works with MITSUBISHI vehicles.

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Original Mr. Li MIT8 (IGNITION) 2-in-1 Decoder & Pick works with MITSUBISHI vehicles.

  • Revolutionary Design
  • Pick and Decode Mitsubishi vehicles
  • Single Lifter
  • Profile: MIT8 (Flat 8 Cut)
  • Suitable for: Ignition locks

List of makes and models (for guidance only)

Challenger 1999-2003, Colt 1996-2000, Diamante 2000-2006, Eclipse 1996-2005, Endeavor 2003-2005, Express 1996-2002, Focus 1998-2002, Galant 1996-2005, L200 1999-2005, Montero 1996-2005, Montero DYD 1996-2000, Montero IO 1999-2002, Montero Sport 2000-2005, Outlander 2000-2003, Pajero 1996-2008, Shogun 1996-2005, Space Gear 1996-2000, Space Runner 1996-2002, Space Star 1999-2005, Space Wagon 1999-2002, Triton 1999-2005 & Verada 2000-2003

Original Mr. Li Tools Verification Label

Mr. Li Tools are a series of tools invented by Mr. Li, a master locksmith and tool inventor from Hebei Province of China, in the early 2000s. Mr. Li Tools are designed to save time when opening locked cars or making replacement keys. They are inserted into a vehicle lock and used to pick the lock to a position where it traps the wafers. The wafer depth can then be read to determine the cuts for a new key.

Mr. Li Tools are the Lishi Tools Chinese Edition, compared with Original Lishi Tools for exportation, Mr. Li Tools are supplied by Mr. Li’s own distribution channel, through his own distributors from both China and abroad. Mr. Li Tools come with a green verification label attached at back of each tool, please Look for Mr. Li face logo, as well as the green label, and get verified on Mr. Li’s official website. Thank you!

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